New Microsoft Ads

by Jason on September 18, 2008

I can’t help but realize that the new ads from Microsoft are totally useless, unconvincing, and uninformative.  The basic message behind the three major ads are:

  • Windows Mohave – “Don’t listen to the millions of people who’ve experienced debilitating issues with Vista.  Instead, look how polished and slick the interface looks.  Kind of like a Mac – I MEAN.. doh!”  Does anyone notice that they never show you what the people are looking at?  Makes you wonder.
  • Seinfeld – “We’re funny?  “.  So you wasted tens of millions of dollars and NOT give anyone a good reason to use your product?
  • I’m a PC – “A lot of people use Windows, so you should too?”  This reminds me of a famous quote, “Any fool can use a computer.  Many do.”  I mean, seriously, “Windows.  Life without walls.”  That’s your slogan?!  I guess Microsoft doesn’t consider devices not working, spyware constantly infecting machines, a browser (conveniently labeled “Internet” for all the ignorant) that is not standards compliant, and a slew of other deal breakers walls.  Apparently Microsoft has an entirely different take on what a wall is than the rest of the world…

Microsoft, I’d like to help.  I’m not a fan, personally, but I’d like to help.  Your Operating System comes pre-installed on 90%+ computers.  You DON’T NEED TO MARKET as aggresively as you are!  Second, instead of trying to make everyone think you’re hip & cool, why don’t you actually focus on making better software and better user interfaces?  I can give a million reasons why I’m a Mac user, but the one reason that I tell everyone, regardless of their level of expertise in computing, is “Everyday, I wake up my Mac, do what I need to do, and then put it back to sleep.  It just works everytime, the same way it did all the times before, and it will continue to work exactly as it does until I replace it with a new model.  I don’t have to worry about scanning for spyware, cleaning up the registry, etc.  I never have to figure out why my computer is suddenly running slow.  It just works, everytime.”