by Jason on October 11, 2011

I just posted the initial beta release of Zend_Service_Spotify to my Github account.

I’ve always really appreciated the Zend Framework components due to their coding style, code comments (not to be confused with real documentation), and inter-operability.

So, I decided to add to the mix with Zend_Service_Spotify. Zend_Service_Spotify implements the Zend_Service abstract and provides hooks into all of the functionality of the Spotify Metadata API.

Things that will be added in the near future:

  • Common Iterable Interface – the XML and JSON data structures are totally different. For instance with XML you iterate over “album” when searching for an album, whereas with JSON you iterate over “albums”. I believe I should make a common iterable interface and have the response format simply be a setting.
  • Include Tests – I currently have 58 tests written in SimpleTest. I plan on including these shortly.
  • Implement Last-Modified and Expires Headers – you know… so we don’t anger Spotify’s server admins 🙂